Mission Statement

The Tribe of Judah is here to provide a fun, kind, connected “digital home” for imperfect & seeking individuals with compassionate wisdom to revitalize them.

The Heart Behind It

1. I want Tribe of Judah to be a digital “home” where followers of Christ can find like-minded believers who will encourage each other, challenge each other to follow Christ more closely, live out their faith online and offline, and have fun. (On a related note, I want ToJ to be an online community that is easy to join and easy to return to.)
2. I want ToJ to be a community that leads Christians to join, stay in, and serve in local churches that teach God’s Word faithfully
3. I want our community to bring glory to God and I want God to use our community to call people to Himself and achieve His purposes. (#3 is the most important, of course)
4. I want Tribe of Judah to share the message of God’s Word in a way that honors those receiving the message and honors God, who gave the message. I want our members to feel confident sharing their faith in a way that is respectful, both online and offline

-Tek7, Clan Master and President